i get zapped from static shock in my car. why is this so?
jean a
2007-06-03 04:49:00 UTC
funny but i cant kiss my daughters inside the car as they feel it, too. and when i get out of it and head for the grocery, i cant push the cart properly as i get zapped every now and then whenever i touch the metal part of it. i cant just touch metals inside the grocery and some people wonder why i get jolted as i go. drives me crazy! is there a way to de-charge my body of that static energy?
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anton p
2007-06-03 05:04:31 UTC
The car gets charged through the friction of the air on the paint while in motion on dry days or you get chrged by friction on the plastic of the seat. I used to get these shocks all the time until I devised a way to discharge it without pain. Grip firmly the metal part of the car key and then touch with the end of it the car lock or a metal pole or metal part connected to the ground. This won't prevent you from being charged again just by waking on the plastic carpet in the office or mall. The solution to this is to buy shoes with thinner soles or leather soles.
2016-05-20 04:06:58 UTC
You are wrong when you say no one else has this problem. The problem is very common, we learn it at school too, however, it is just that it doesn't happen often but it does. When you are in the car, your clothes and the car seat fabric generates static electricity from the friction caused. (ever tried rubbing a balloon on carpet etc?) You know when you touch a pole or something you get static shocked? that is because the pole acts as the conductor, the thing the electricity goes through. The electricity plug in your house has an "earth" conductor thing in it that directs the excess electricity to the ground so no one gets shocked. when you step out of the car, you touch the metal pole or handle , and the metal is the conductor, but the electricity, which has to end up in the ground goes through you instead of the car because the rubber tires prevent the electricity circuit from being complete. That is why it goes through you instead. When is goes through you, you get an electric shock.
i love my garden
2007-06-03 05:03:55 UTC
I put it down to your shoes...... I get zapped when I wear rubber soled shoes. Static electricity builds up from the carpet in the car. All I can suggest is change your shoes when driving
2007-06-03 05:32:27 UTC
tie a string of leather under the car so that it drags every once in a while migth help.... i think your car is not grounded right would be hard to find just whats making it.... i have had a couple cars do this think they was both older ford crown vic

well it has something to do with your car is not discharging static is why i say its not grounded or not grounded right migth go shop and ask if they can help you.... have you had any eletric problems with the car latey
2007-06-03 04:56:08 UTC
I think touching an unpainted metal surface can decharge your body. Certain types of clothes can be a cause of static as well!
2007-06-03 04:53:06 UTC
Static electricity is electricity NOT in motion, but this does NOT mean that it can't shock you like electricity with moving electrons.
2007-06-03 04:57:27 UTC
could be your clothing or shoes..are you wearing a nylon jacket..try changing your shoes and dont drag your feet on the ground..
2007-06-03 04:57:37 UTC
it has to clothing u wear

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